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Thunder Bass
Thunder Bass, which we all guessed, is an amp head for bassists. Based on the Ampeg SVT*, Hotone som..
Ex Tax: £74.99
Volante is a collection of delays and reverbs bound up in a looper. It has three magnetic delay type..
Ex Tax: £333.29
Voltage Doubler cable: straight  4”/10cm
Connects 18V pedals to two 9V outputs on the Strymon Zuma or Ojai power supply. Also connects 24V pe..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Vow Press
The Hotone Vow Press is a 3-in-1 pedal in a smart compact size. This unit features Wah, Volume, and ..
Ex Tax: £66.66
Vulcan Five-0
Vulcan Five-O is a micro-amp head that takes inspiration from the Peavey 5150*. It weighs in at 440 ..
Ex Tax: £74.99
Wally Plus
Wally Plus was designed on Hotone's smart and simple Wally Looper platform, then enhanced in te..
Ex Tax: £58.33
XTOMP is an ultrathin effects pedal stompbox that simulates multiple iconic classic, vintage, and mo..
Ex Tax: £166.66
Xtomp Mini
Xtomp is the lean mean core of the all-powerful XTOMP effects pedal. Like XTOMP it simulates all kin..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Never worry about power again Zuma is the highest horsepower, most technologically advanced effec..
Ex Tax: £208.29
Zuma Mounting Bracket kit
Zuma is Strymon’s flagship power supply for multiple pedals. If you need to attach Zuma to a pedalbo..
Ex Tax: £19.13
Zuma R300
Is your pedalboard growing? Add more outputs to your Zuma R300 by connecting a Strymon Ojai or Ojai ..
Ex Tax: £166.63
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