High-end Perfection

Product Overview

The Dragonfly generates a silky extended top-end, contoured midrange and a bump at the upper end of the lower frequencies that thickens thin signal sources. With an integrated elastic shockmount and rotating head, the Dragonfly utilizes its innovative industrial design to enable quick and precise mic placement on the fly. The Dragonfly is ideally suited for high-frequency sources like alto and soprano vocals, percussion, electric guitar, drum overheads, and "difficult" sources such as stringed instruments.


  • Wood box
  • S2 Shock

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose mic - ideal for pop vocal, electric guitar, and drum overheads
  • Cardioid Condenser with Class A discrete circuitry
  • Blue's famous hand-built large diaphragm capsule
  • Versatile sound - rich lows, contoured mid-range, silky presence in the highs
  • Integrated elastic shockmount and rotating head for optimal placement
  • Hand-tuned and tested

Product Videos

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Review Snippets

This microphone represents a stunning achievement in bringing high-bracket quality to a reasonable price point. For pop vocals in particular, its performance is exemplary once you find the right spot, and it's the best mic I've heard for recording a guitar amp. Ever.
he sound has a slight 'tube-y' quality. Only in the upper frequencies (10-15 kHz) is any boosting evident, resulting in exquisitely airy highs, great detail, and an accurate overall response. That, combined with the mic's exceptional transient response, makes the Dragonfly an excellent choice for a wide range of instruments, including drums and percussion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass-cabinets, and saxophones.
Electronic Musician
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