Compact multi-effects and amp-modelling guitar pedal

Product Overview

Ampero One is a multi-effects unit and amp modeller in a compact pedal. It represents the uncompromising Ampero sound in a smaller case. Ampero One offers you all the real sounds of rock past and present. The 4-inch hi-def color touch screen and optimized UI provides you smoother, smarter experience.

Ampero One can handle up to 9 effect modules simultaneously with its flexible FX1, FX2, FX3 effect modules and editable effect chain for the best effect combination possibilities. Ampero One shares the same effects library with authentic stereo signal processing:

There are 242 effects onboard, with 50+ Hotone original effects including high quality drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models) and 64 amp models/60 cab models/100+ legendary pedal models/microphone simulations.

Acoustic guitar simulator

Ampero One comes with advanced acoustic simulation algorithms. Used along with built-in acoustic IRs and acoustic simulation presets, you can easily transform your electric instruments into miked up acoustic masterpieces: steel string, nylon string, even double basses!
Ampero One employs the same straight-forward user interface with one more step forward. Featuring a 4-inch 800 x 480 touch screen with dynamic color display and optimized UI activity, Ampero One is incredibly easy to set up and program within a few tapping and sliding.

Underlying Technology

Driving Ampero One is Hotone's innovative CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system. Built on Hotone's powerful XTOMP platform, acclaimed Binary series, and breakthrough VStomp Amp virtual plugin, the new-gen CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. system showcases Hotone's new high-shelf circuit modeling methods.

Mainstream modeling methods are generally based on static state circuitry modeling or “black box” theory, which just “come close” to the modeled sound. CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. employs a complex system based on dynamic feature modeling. In this matrix, the technology “rebuilds” the entire circuitry using modeled electronic components, resulting in a tone that is vivid, accurate and expressive. More than that, the new system enhances the relationship between amps and PA systems, delivering a realistic feel and response you've never before experienced on digital gear.

Ampero One is powered by the same dual-DSP platform with uncompromised high performance, running Hotone’s proprietary CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling system.

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Product Features

✪ The popular amp modeler & effects processor in a smaller case
✪ New-gen CDCM & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience
✪ Powerful dual DSP-powered platform ensures excellent sound quality
✪ 24-bit signal processing, up to 120dB S/N ratio
✪ 4-inch 800 x 480 sharp color touch screen with instant control
✪ Internal voltage boost circuitry for great dynamic range
✪ USB port for firmware upgrading, loading/editing/managing effects/IRs via free Mac/PC software or for use as an USB audio interface
✪ 242 effects based on stunning XTOMP effects library
✪ CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including:
 - 64 amp models
 - 60 cab models
 - 100+ legendary pedal models
 - Next-gen mic position and microphone type simulations
 - User custom IR loader with 3rd party IR support
✪ 50+ Hotone original effects (incl. high quality drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more)
✪ 198 presets
✪ Built-in drum machine with 100 patterns
✪ Built-in looper with max. 100 seconds recording time
✪ 3 assignable footswitches with halo LEDs
✪ Built-in expression pedal
✪ Authentic stereo output processing
✪ Essential I/O for most connection needs
✪ External controller jack for connecting external footswitches/pedals
✪ Customizable main display modes and theme colors
✪ Road-ready, light-weight aluminum casing
✪ 9V DC power supply


Digital Audio Signal Processing: 24-bit depth, 44.1kHz sample rate
Effects: 242
Effects Modules:
Total of 9 simultaneous
Patches: 198 (99 user patches, 99 factory patches)
Looper Time: Mono 100 seconds, Stereo 50 seconds
Internal Drum Machine:
100 Rhythm Patterns
One 1/4” Tip Sleeve (TS) Instrument jack
One 1/8” Stereo Auxiliary In (Aux In) jack
One 1/4” Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) Expression Pedal input jack
Two 1/4” Tip Sleeve (TS) Unbalanced Stereo output jacks
One 1/8” Stereo headphones output jack
Input Impedance:
Input: 4.7MΩ
Aux In: 10kΩ
Output Impedance:
Output: 3.2kΩ
Phones: 66Ω
Screen: 4"800 x 480 Color Dynamic Display Touch Screen
USB Port:
USB Type-B port with USB Audio support
Impulse Response/IR processing:
Supports 24-bit/44.1kHz Mono WAV files, 1024 points
Power Requirements:
9V DC Center Negative
Current Consumption: 500mA Max
273mm (L) x 143mm (W) x 51mm (H)

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